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What's New with the Spinzall 2.0

Spinzall 2.0

  • The Spinzall 2.0 spins faster, speeding up separation times to improve efficiency
  • The pump now offers truly continuous speed adjustability, giving you more control
  • Features an all-new mechanical lid interlock system that is more reliable than the first generation
  • The shake sensor and timers have been removed, eliminating false positives that turned the machine off
  • Re-designed lid cap seals without an O-ring
  • *Note: The Spinzall 2.0 is not eligible for free shipping*
Returns: 30 days refund. 180 days exchanges & store credit (view details).


The Spinzall 2.0

The Spinzall is the only centrifuge designed BY bar and restaurant people, FOR bar and restaurant people. It’s the only centrifuge under a thousand dollars that can process enough product for a professional. What was previously a niche technique is now a key component of many establishments.

Clarity. That’s what you get when you apply several thousand times the force of gravity to a liquid or puree. Components separate so that larger and denser pieces form a puck at the bottom, any oils float on the top, and everything in between is clarified liquid. A centrifuge will give you beautifully clear, bright, and clean-tasting fruit liquors. It will make crystal-clear fruit juices that won’t ruin carbonation, cordials for stirred cocktails, impeccable herb and spice oils – and it can make ultradense purees. With a centrifuge you will get these results better, faster, and with higher yield than with any other technique.

The Spinzall is the best way to clarify. Better than hydrocolloids like agar and gelatin, which strip flavor and require both heat and time. Better than filtration, which can never remove the finest particles. Even with liquids that settle on their own over time, the Spinzall allows you to recover every last drop –dramatically increasing yield and saving precious ingredients. If you need something clear now and you hate to waste, the Spinzall is the answer.

Before Booker and Dax launched the Spinzall, centrifuges were impractical for the bar and restaurant: the affordable ones had a tiny capacity, while the behemoth models that were large enough cost nearly $10,000 and were dangerous to operate without training.

Doing away with the array of collecting buckets or tubes found in most centrifuges, the Spinzall holds its full capacity in a single easily cleaned rotary chamber; any fluid you put in the Spinzall -- even a thick puree -- balances itself perfectly as it spins, so there's no need to carefully weigh containers or worry about imbalances.


What's new with the Spinzall 2.0?

Anybody who has owned or worked with a Spinzall will appreciate some exciting improvements. We listened to your feedback to make the Spinzall 2.0 an even more valuable asset to you and your team.

Worldwide Compatibility: We understand the world needs centrifuges, and that’s why the Spinzall 2.0 can be plugged in anywhere worldwide (115-240 Volts, 50-60 Hertz). It comes with a standard North American plug, and international users only need an adapter, not a transformer

Redesigned Safety Mechanism: Say goodbye to the electric lid interlock. The new interlock is entirely mechanical and integrated into the lid. Now you can open a Spinzall without turning it on, and there is no solenoid to get stuck or burn out. It’s easy and reliable

Quality-of-Life Improvements: We’ve made several tweaks to enhance your overall experience.

The lid bearing is now easily replaceable, ensuring longevity. We don’t want you to muscle the lid off the Spinzall and ruin the bearing, but if you do, the fix will be easy and fast

We’ve removed the shake sensor, reducing false positives and unnecessary machine shutdowns. 99.9% of the times the original unit went into alarm mode were due solely to the peculiarities of the sensor

We redesigned the lid cap to seal without an O-ring, so you’ll never have to tape the cap on the lid again. We also made the liquid enter from the edge of the cap instead of the center, so you aren’t dumping goop into your bearing

We have removed the timers and replaced them with switches. No more stuck or broken timer knobs, and no more having the Spinzall turn off when you don’t want it to

The pump now offers truly continuous speed adjustability, giving you more control.

Enhanced Performance: We’ve increased the speed of the rotor to 3800-4200 RPM (compared to the previous model’s speeds of around 3650-4050 RPM.) This improvement means ten percent faster separation times, especially noticeable in batch mode. Many products will separate in under five minutes, boosting your efficiency.


What else do you need to buy with your Spinzall?

Most of the liquids that you will want to clarify with your Spinzall require pre-treatment. So while it is possible to operate the Spinzall without out them, you will be very limited in what you can acccomplish and the results that you will get.

There are three primary ingredients used for pre-treatment:

Pectinex Ultra SP-L - An enzyme the breaks down pectin and hemicellulose in fruits and other plants

Keiselsol - A silica-based fining agent that helps to separate solids from a liquid

Chitosan - A hydrocolloid fining agent that heps to separate solids from a liquid. While typically made from shrimp shells, Modernist Pantry Chitosan is microbial-based and completely vegan.



The Spinzall 2.0 is not eligible for free shipping.

Warranty and Return Policy

The Spinzall Manufacturer's Warranty is 90 days from receipt. The return period for a Spinzall is 30 days from receipt. A 20% restocking fee will be applied to all returns. This policy covers the Spinzall and overrides the Modernist Pantry store policy.