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McRib Copycat Recipe: The McRib goes Modernist. WTF - Ep. 286

Sodium Tripolyphosphate

  • Salt mixture of phosphates
  • Creates juicy, bouncy forcemeats with a firm snap
  • Commonly used as a pH buffer and sequestrant
  • Cold/hot soluble, free flowing powder
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100% Pure Food Grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate is the secret weapon for making forced meat in minutes. Sodium tripolyphosphate is a phosphate salt that perfectly emulsifies meats by raising the pH of the meat. This allows for the proteins to retain more water, which enables easier fat emulsion. Sodium tripolyphosphate also creates a stronger emulsion so that during and after the cooking process the meat will not degrade and become mealy or greasy, resulting in a juicy, bouncy texture with a firm snap. Sodium tripolyphosphate may also be used for making cheese sauces. Other benefits to sodium tripolyphosphate is it slows oxidation and will help preserve the meat for a longer period of time. Anywhere you want better emulsification and water retention sodium tripolyphosphate can be used to do so.

Other Details

Dietary Attributes:
Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Kosher (OU), Keto-friendly
Ingredient List:
Pentasodium triphosphate