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PACOJET Synthetic Pacotizing Beakers Starter Kit

  • This kit contains the chrome steel protective outer beaker needed to use synthetic beakers
  • Price effective assortment of Pacojet beakers for maximizing Pacojet output
  • Contains 1 chrome steel protective outer beaker and 10 synthetic beakers
  • Compatible with Pacojet 2 Plus and Pacojet 4
Returns: 30 days refund. 180 days exchanges & store credit (view details).


The Pacojet System comes with a beaker, but many professional kitchens require more than this. Expand your beaker assortment cost effectively with new transparent synthetic pacotizing® beakers – an ideal addition for covering peak periods when a large number of pacotizing® beakers is required.
Recommendation: Keep a large supply of synthetic pacotizing® beakers (beyond the standard allocation of chrome steel beakers) in stock to meet the needs of catering or banquet services.