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Pacojet: Recipes, How It Works, and More | WTF – Ep. 204

PACOJET 4 Pacotizing® Beaker Lid



  • Expands Pacojet functionality to allow for mincing, pureeing, chopping, frothing, or blending of non-frozen foods
  • Guides the blades from the top of the beaker to the bottom, processing fresh foods very gently and evenly for top-quality results
  • Only compatible with the Pacojet 4 System
Returns: 30 days refund. 180 days exchanges & store credit (view details).


The Pacojet 4 pacotizing® beaker lid provides a tight seal for the pacotizing beaker.

Note: This pacotizing® beaker lid is compatible with the Pacojet 4 and 2PLUS System. Part #146619-E00-00

About Pacojet 4

Pacojet 4 is an improvement on the previous Pacojet systems. Those systems are still highly regarded and arewidely used throughout professional kitchens. The Pacojet 4 supports you with the specific requirements of your kitchen and provides outstanding results with maximum productivity. With its new intelligent and innovative features, the device is even easier and safer to use, allowing you to further standardize your workflows. The precision technology of the Pacojet 4 meets the highest quality standards.

The new Pacojet 4 stands out with its many new features, including the option of pacotizing® certain recipes in just 90 seconds; a large touchscreen offering intuitive user guidance with an animated assistance feature; and a smart device detection mode to protect against misuse. The new Pacojet is exceptionally quiet while providing outstanding results in combination with maximum productivity – and therefore now meets long-held customer wishes.

Other Details