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Methylcellulose? The Primer to Pick Apart This Puzzle | WTF – Episode 120

Methylcellulose HV (High Viscosity)

  • High Viscosity refined methylcellulose
  • Essential for our plant-based ground meat recipe
  • Acts as a general thickener and stabilizer for foods and beverages
  • Cold/hot soluble, thermoreversible gel
  • *Commercial sizing requires a 1-2 day processing time and is not eligible for same day shipping*
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100% Pure Methylcellulose HV (e461) for use as a gelling agent in molecular gastronomy. High Viscosity Methylcellulose E461, or methyl cellulose is a thickener and emulsifier. Methylcellulose is a compound derived from cellulose. This white hydrophilic powder dissolves ONLY in cold liquid to form a clear viscous solution or gel. A solution of methylcellulose will turn solid when heated and since it is completely thermo-reversible will turn back to liquid when cooled. It is also used as a stabilizer in ice cream to help prevent the formation of ice crystals during freezing or re-freezing after a thaw. Like cellulose this component is non toxic, and not allergenic.

Methylcellulose HV is High Viscosity (approximately 4500 cps. in 2% solution). Cold water soluble, Methylcellulose HV will gel when heated to temperatures from 132F to 148F. Our LV and HV methylcellulose can be mixed together at different ratios to achieve desired effects.

Methylcellulose HV is an essential ingredient in our Plant-Based Ground Meat recipe. You can get all of the required ingredients easily with our Essentials Kit

Other Details

Dietary Attributes:
Plant-Based, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Kosher (OU), Keto-friendly
Ingredient List: