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Scales? Measure Up - Weight vs. Volume. WTF - Ep. 149

High-Precision Digital Ingredient Scale

  • Portable digital scale measures to 0.1g precision
  • Pre-calibrated with 500g capacity 
  • Ensures high level of accuracy when cooking with Modernist techniques
  • Order with a 500g Calibration weight for long-term maintenance
Returns: 30 days refund. 180 days exchanges & store credit (view details).



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Highly durable and transportable scale that measures in precise increments (0.1g) with a 500g capacity. Modernist recipes require exact measurement of ingredients, often down to a tenth of a gram, a level of precision that just isn't available from most ordinary kitchen scales. The scale is small and portable, includes a flip-open lid to protect the the smooth, stainless steel weighing surface. The easy-to-read, back-lit LCD display is powered by 2 AAA batteries. Quite simply, this scale is indispensable to any serious modernist cook

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