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Fry Booster Combo Pack

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Ready to next level your fry game but not sure which product is right for you? The Fry Booster Combo Pack offers our best selling frying ingredients in one experimentation-friendly package!

The Fry Booster Combo pack contains:

Batter Bind® S is a food starch specifically designed for superior adhesion to battered and breaded food systems. It is a modified starch refined from maize.

Applications for Batter Bind® S, include breaded and battered food products such as seafood including fish fingers, battered fish, poultry, meat and vegetables. It is a cook-up starch which can be dispersed at high concentration in cold water to form a smooth slurry. It can be used alone, or in combination with other ingredients such as corn or wheat flour to prepare a wet adhesion batter or a tempura batter. It can also be used as a predust. It facilitates the adhesion of the batter and the breadcrumbs onto the surface of meat, fish, poultry and vegetables. In fried (or parfried and baked) product, Batter Bind® S provides superior adhesion, reduces the blistering on the surface and contributes to the crispness.

The typical usage levels would be 20 to 95% of the dry batter mix.


Crisp Coat® UC is a starch-based crisping agent designed to impart a range of textural properties to battered and fried food products, particularly french fries. Crisp Coat® UC is a specialty blend of high amylose corn starch and tapioca dextrin.

Crisp Coat® UC, when incorporated into a batter at low levels, imparts a smooth uniform appearance to the fried product and provides a firm crisp surface.

In addition to the textural enhancement provided by Crisp Coat® UC to coated products, it also assists with maintaining a crispy texture during extended storage under heat lamps. Typically, products formulated with Crisp Coat® UC may yield up to 30 minutes or more of crispiness under heat lamp storage.

Crisp Coat® UC can be used in batters for coating a variety of fried products. Batters incorporating Crispt Coat® UC typically contain a combination of a flour (wheat or corn) and seasoning/spices. When preparing batters made with Crisp Coat® UC, it is important to keep the batter agitated at all times to prevent settling of solids. Crisp Coat® UC will enhance the texture, crispness, and overall appearance of coated and fried products.


EverCrisp Breader & Batter Boost is a versatile breader and batter booster that enhances your recipes without changing the flavor. It's guaranteed to keep your fried foods crispy and crunchy for an extended period of time. This means it will survive its stay in takeout containers and hot holdings without getting soggy. EverCrisp can be used with any breading or batter recipe and will yield remarkable frying results.

Simply replace 20% of the flour in your batter or breader recipe with Evercrisp and fry as usual!

Each of these ingredients are certified Kosher (Pareve) by the Orthodox Union