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Leavening Agents: Elevate Your Doughs. WTF - Ep. 198

Florapan LA4 Starter Culture

  • Create a better loaf of sourdough
  • Provides better sourdough flavor and bouquet
  • Enhances shelf life (anti-molding and anti-staling)
  • Allows bakers to create a one step pre-ferment
  • Essential to a good gluten free sourdough loaf
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Florapan® starter cultures have been developed to produce European style “levain” (sourdough) in a single easy step. They are composed of lactic acid bacteria, in combination or not with aromatic yeast, specially selected for their ability to produce organic acids and aroma compounds which will give the finished bread a unique sourdough flavor and a better shelf life (anti-molding and anti-staling).

Florapan® LA4 is a blend of two selected lactic acid bacteria and one aromatic yeast that contributes to gas production. It will provide your bread with a typical French ‘’levain’’ flavor with a broad aromatic bouquet. Its high concentration in living cells allows the baker to prepare a one-step liquid or stiff pre-ferment within 18 to 24 hours at temperatures between 20 and 35 °C (68 – 95 °F).

Usage: The minimum recommended dosage is 0.1 % on preferment flour weight.
Storage: 18 months at or below 4 °C (39 °F) in the original intact packaging.

Other Details

Dietary Attributes:
Plant-Based, Gluten-Free
Ingredient List: