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Spinzall: What's In The Box?

Spinzall - 120V

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If you are ordering from outside of the US and your country uses 220 - 240-volt electrical outlets we highly recommend that you also purchase our 220v power converter. The Spinzall cannot be run without a power converter plugged into a 220 - 240v outlet. Attempting to do so will result in damage to the Spinzall and void the warranty. We also recommend that everyone purchase the Pre-treatment Starter Pack. You will need the ingredients contained in this kit in order to successfully execute many of the Spinzall recipes and techniques. The Spinzall is ETL certified. Customers looking for CE certification should confirm import limitations before placing an order.



The Spinzall

 When you subject a liquid or puree to hundreds of times the force of gravity, amazing things happen. The densest components -- solid particles -- separate and sink, forming a puck. The least dense components -- typically oils -- float on the surface. Anything in between turns to a beautifully clarified liquid.

 For several years, restaurants and bars like Booker and Dax have been using laboratory centrifuges to meld fruits with spirits, make flavored oils, clarify juices, separate fats, and perform other culinary feats.

 Now Dave Arnold's Booker and Dax Equipment Company, creators of the Searzall, is introducing the Spinzall, the first centrifuge designed from the ground up for culinary use. Its revolutionary approach makes centrifuging an easy part of kitchen workflow in bars, restaurants, and homes.

 Why The Spinzall is the Centrifuge You're Looking For

 The laboratory centrifuge you will find in a cutting-edge bar or restaurant today is a loud, 200 pound $8,000 beast that’s the size of an air conditioner, and requires delicate internal balancing each and every time you use it. And until now, your only smaller alternative was a mini-centrifuge that costs a few hundred dollars but has a minuscule yield of 100 milliliters under the best circumstances - in almost all cases, more trouble than it’s worth.

 The Spinzall is designed to solve these problems, to be the centrifuge for every kitchen. It's under 20 pounds and portable, with a compact design that fits neatly in an airplane's overhead compartment. It runs quietly, with just a low hum. It can process a full 500 ml in a single batch, and if you use the included liquid pump you can process many liters of product without stopping.

 Doing away with the array of collecting buckets or tubes found in most centrifuges, the Spinzall holds its full capacity in a single easily cleaned rotary chamber; any fluid you put in the Spinzall -- even a thick puree -- balances itself perfectly as it spins, so there's no need to carefully weigh containers or worry about imbalances.

Warranty and Return Policy

The Spinzall Manufacturer's Warranty is 90 days from receipt. The return period for a Spinzall is 30 days from receipt. A 20% restocking fee will be applied to all returns. This policy covers the Spinzall and overrides the Modernist Pantry store policy.