Modernist Pantry Magic Wand

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Many functional ingredients (especially hydrocolloids) require quite a bit of agitation to properly disperse in liquid. So hand mixing with a whisk or a spoon is usually not ideal. You can use a standard or an immersion blender in most cases. But this requires extra cleanup and may not be practical depending on the amount of liquid you are mixing.

Our magic wand solves this problem by providing the mixing power that you need in a small, inexpensive, and easy to clean design.

Not only that, the magic wand excels at creating foams, airs, and spumas. The rapid agitation of the wand on the surface of a liquid treated with an emulsifier or surfactant will create an endless stream of bubbles.

In short, the magic wand is a tool that no modern cook should be without.


Deconstructed Harvey Wallbanger

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