Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread Pan

  • High quality silicone loaf pan
  • Extra depth optimizes rise for gluten free loaves
  • L 8.5" x D 3.5" x W 4"
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Because gluten-free flours have a weaker structure than traditional wheat flours, it is important to support the loaf as it is rising in both proofing stage and in the oven. This silicone pan has been specifically designed with taller walls than regular bread pans to provide this support. As a result gluten-free bread baked in it will have the proper height and not turn out squat and dense like a brick.

Because it is made made out of silicone it will hold up to the heat of your oven, is easy to store and allows for quick clean up. Although it is dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing to preserve its mirror smooth surface.

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