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Cocktail Aromatics: Gin and Tonic Recipe | WTF - Ep. 123

Alice & the Magician Beverage Aroma Kit - Home

  • Small batch artisan crafted aromatic sprays
  • A&M cocktail aromatics adds the missing olfactory experience to drinks
  • Perfect for the discerning home mixologist
  • Try 9ml of all 6 flavors at a discounted kit price (13% off!)
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Alice & the Magician Cocktail and Culinary Aromatics are uniquely blended scents sourced from around the world. These scents are delicate and pure, naturally extracted (never processed, cooked, dried, or altered) and rigorously tested for perfection every time. Alice & the Magician Aromatics are designed to be sprayed on top of cocktails rather than mixed and stirred in, enhancing the beverage with a wildly pleasing aroma.


Cilantro Garden - 9ml

BEVERAGE PAIRING: refreshing gin & vodka cocktails, margaritas, bloody marys
FOOD PAIRING: salad, tacos, gazpacho, boulliabaise
Bonfire Smoke - 9ml
BEVERAGE PAIRING: manhattans, boulevardiers, bourbon drinks, hot tea
FOOD PAIRING: roasted meats and game, hearty soups & stews, vegetarian fair to give it “meatiness”

Chocolate Cake - 9ml

BEVERAGE PAIRING: amaro, vermouth, dessert cocktails without excess sugar, smoothies, coffee
FOOD PAIRING: ice cream, bananas, fresh fruit, cookies

Citrus Harvest - 9ml

BEVERAGE PAIRING: soda water, fresh juice, vodka-tonic, all gin drinks, light rum drinks
FOOD PAIRING: salad, smoothies, chilled soup, fresh fruit, sorbet

Gin Botanicals - 9ml

BEVERAGE PAIRING: with cold tonic for “gin-less gin & tonic”, all gin drinks, berry and fruit juices
FOOD PAIRING: raspberry ice cream, roasted or grilled lamb, bitter greens

Rosemary Honey - 9ml

BEVERAGE PAIRING: old fashioned, negroni, bourbon drinks, aged gin, orange juice, sodas
FOOD PAIRING: chicken, game, pork, salad, tuscan white beans, caramel ice cream

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